Campfire Box

Campfire Box

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Introducing the campfire box 🔥

I know we are all looking for creative ways to connect with our loved ones, while still respecting pandemic safety rules. I know that I’ve spent a lot more time outside this winter in order to spend time with friends and family! Lots of winter hikes, skating and campfires!

This box is designed to accompany those outdoor small group gatherings 💞

The campfire 🔥 box includes the following yummy treats!

* 4 X Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mixes
* Toasted Vanilla Marshmallows
* 2 X Lindt Dark Chocolate Bars
* 6 X Reese’s Thins
* Graham Crackers
* Vanilla Waffle Cookies

Hot chocolate ☕️ + S’more Kits = 🍫 heaven

So many s’more combos to be made from this tasty box!