About Us

I know you've come for the charcuterie but hopefully, you'll stay for me, the human behind these beautiful snack-filled squares. In case you've been wondering I'm Kaitlyn, the owner and CEO (Cheese Executive Officer) of figswithfriends.

Here are a few things you probably need to know about me:


▪️I have 2 rescued Potcake pooches that basically run my life. If you send me pictures of your dog, we will be BFF's!

▪️Red Wine & True crime is basically the motto in which I live my life. If it's a documentary, podcast, or TV show about a mysterious murder there's a 99% chance I've seen/heard it.

▪️I got married in 2020 in a surprise backyard ceremony to my partner of 6 years. 

▪️I'm a business graduate, and was working in HR while discovering my true passion for charcuterie.

▪️When I share a charcuterie board of my own the first thing I reach for is truffle anything!